5 Ways to Save

Have you ever noticed how your expenses come all at once? Two weeks ago I decided to finally tackle some home improvement projects, book a (very much needed) long weekend vacation, and put my puppy through obedience training.  These were all expenses that I’d been planning for and had budgeted accordingly. What I didn’t plan…

Make VDay Great (again)

Somewhere along the way, Valentine’s Day lost its sparkle. It was less about telling everyone you loved them, and more about needing validation that you were loved. Today, whether single or not, be the love

In the Midst of the Storm

I began to learn just what Jesus meant when he said he does not give as the world gives. The world would have instantly healed my grandpa’s cancer. But I think there are things for us to learn through it. I began to see beauty in the midst of the cancer.

To the Christians Supporting the Religious Freedom Bill

I get it. We don’t want the government trampling all over our religion. We want to be able to practice it the way we want to practice it. We want to protect ourselves from having to support something that goes against our core beliefs. But I think this bill sends out the wrong message. See,…

The Waiting Room

“God, I’m at that place again. Nothing is working. I try so hard to get it to work. I see improvement. I start to dream big. And then I get stuck. With a big dream and a reality in which it seems it will never get fulfilled. I’m no longer satisfied with little things, but I do…