Where the Heck is Prince Charming?

I remember coming home, dropping my purse as soon as I stepped in the door, laying my head down on the kitchen table, and wondering what the point of dating even was. I’d just broken off things with a guy I was pretty crazy about. Best date. Best kiss. He’d checked off all the boxes. He’d even come over and cooked me dinner. Real dinner. From scratch.

And he’d completely broken my heart.

Why do I say this? Because on paper, he was it. He was my Judd-Nelson-fist-in-the-air moment. He was the “goals” that all these girls constantly talk about. And yet at the end of the day, all of that amounted to a heaping pile of nothing. I’d let myself get so caught up in the little things that I chose to ignore a glaring character flaw until it was too late. I was in too deep, and when I finally had to face it and end things, it really hurt to do so.

I was left with a bruised heart, and a million questions for God. Namely one. When was my turn going to come? Most of my friends at this point had found their special someone. They excitedly told me engagement plans and I’d smile and gossip about how he’d ask, but… When would my time come? Where was my Prince Charming?

The short answer is he never left my side. Without being too cliché, there was only one man who was always there to save the day. One man to comfort me when I was at my worst. One man who cut through all the chatter to let me know, yes I am worth being madly loved and pursued. He helped me to remember what Prince Charming looked like. And it looked a heck of a lot like an innocent man hanging on a cross, dying for a girl who hadn’t even met him yet.

This is the reality I match my worth up against- not that my boyfriend and I are “goals” worthy, not that I have a guy, not to how many guys I’m talking to-but to the fact that the God of the universe thought I was worth putting everything on the line for.

Where the heck is Prince Charming? I’m not sure. Maybe he took a wrong turn somewhere and is stuck in traffic. Maybe my story doesn’t end with a prince. But no matter what, you and I are both worth being passionately pursued and loved. Your worth and value has nothing to do with a relationship status and everything to do with the fact that before you were ever born, you were chosen by the Prince of all princes.


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