To the Christians Supporting the Religious Freedom Bill

I get it. We don’t want the government trampling all over our religion. We want to be able to practice it the way we want to practice it. We want to protect ourselves from having to support something that goes against our core beliefs.

But I think this bill sends out the wrong message.

See, Jesus very clearly states to love our neighbors (Mark 12:31). In fact, he goes one step further and says that between loving God and loving our neighbors, there is no greater commandment. When we discriminate against people though, on the basis of race, sexual preference, etc., the message we are sending is not love. It’s intolerance. It’s leaving bruises on a community that we as Christians have hurt too much. It’s saying that they are not good enough for your services. I don’t care what your intentions are, that’s how it will be interpreted.

And I know some of you are thinking that you don’t want to support something that goes against your core beliefs by doing business with them. I get that. My question is when Jesus was still a carpenter do you think he’d refuse service to the tax collector? If you want to work with the public then I think that means all the public, not just the part that fits up to your standards. We can’t pick and choose. Sin is sin. We need to stop acting as if homosexuality is the epitome of sin. What about adultery? What about the divorce rate that runs rampant in our churches?

I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle. I think biblically it very clearly says it’s wrong. But I love gay people. I may be criticized for saying this but it breaks my heart how Christians have treated them. Are we really reflecting Christ, the man who sat down and ate with the sinners (Mark 2:13-17), when we purposefully distance and separate ourselves from them?

Just something to think about.

Here’s a link to another article that I found interesting and biblical.


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